Thursday, April 05, 2012

Do I Look Like a Dwarf?

It's Wednesday everyone!  Time to prove that I expended sartorial energy this week~

Last Thursday, March 29, I got to play tennis!!!
So no picture because I was geared up for that all day.  

Friday the 30th brought rain. So I wore these boots (Skechers outlet, Torrance, CA).  Too bad I did, the obscured psychedelic leggings should have been the most interesting part of my outfit.  Obviously I was struggling to get over the boring streak from last week.  
Saturday the girls and I were on our 12th day of girl time.  So the girls never put their clothes on all day, and the jeans I had on weren't worth documenting.  

Sunday April 1st, I was delighted to debut this new (to me) dress, grabbed from the Salvation Army...or was it Goodwill?  I do remember this clearly: $4.99!  That sounds like a Goodwill price.  I should have taken a sans sweater photo but I was too cold.    

Monday the 2nd, another debut: this down to the floor black sweater coat thing.  I probably should be wearing five inch heels, I'm pretty sure it makes me look like some kind of dwarf.  But I like it, so I'm planning to wear it now and then and embrace dwarfiness....and maybe keep my eyes open for a platform shoe sale?!

By Tuesday the 3rd, I was very (legitimately) concerned that my outfits for this week were going fast in the direction of boring and dark.  I figured this Salvation Army blazer would be the antithesis.  Figuring isn't my strong suite, but in this case, I think I was right.  Bonus, it wasn't constricting as blazers can be. 

Today I may or may not have gone entirely over the pattern mixing edge, but I actually feel like this sweater and skirt together are good not bad.  The green tights and patterned innerwear (pictured below) maybe should have stayed home?  Most people I see must be entirely used to me, though, because I didn't really get any comments....?

This sweater is dedicated to golf bags.  And Scottish shields.  
Final note to self: this Premier Designs necklace is so pretty; next time wear it with a plainer outfit so it's actually visible.  

How was your week?  Which one (if any) of my outfits do you like or dislike and why?

pleated poppy


Susie said...

pretty much? there's no way you'll ever look like a dwarf.
Just wanted that out there.
also, love the golf bags. and the three necklaces worn together. very nice!
my fave outfit will sound boring to you: a grey sport dress worn over my swimsuit at the waterpark last week. Partially because of the swimsuit, but also partially because my family were so affirming about me in a dress, which is a rarity. :)

Laurie said...

I don't know about that last outfit. It looks like you were out and got chilly and that was the only available warmth in the car but you are the fashionista NOT me!

Jamie Matsuoka said...

Susie, thanks for the compliments! The best part about my "three necklaces" is, that's all one necklace~ love the story about when you felt great last week. Do you like to wear dresses? If your family likes it so much and you don't mind either, maybe you should do it more often?! Go Susie, Go!

Laurs, I'm not sure about my last outfit either, but the fact that I wore it around all day and no one really gave me a second look made me think anything is worth a try!