Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well-Documented but Boring

In an ironic twist, I managed to take photos of my outfits for six days of the last seven--yet they are some of the most boring ensembles I've shown to date.  Meh. 
Let's see what kind of excuses I can give for my lack of sartorial initiative:
*my husband and son are in Tokyo and I'm not so I'm jealous
*my youngest daughter is newly potty trained and newly graduated from her crib, forgive me if I already said this yesterday but it bears another mention because it takes her an hour (or more!) to settle down at night which leads to a lack of sleep for her and general grumpiness for me
*the weather is confusing (which sounds extra lame but is actually true)
Enough about me...maybe someone could tell a joke or something, please?!
On Thursday 3.22, I had my photo taken by my five year old daughter and we had some friends over for a playdate (thrifted shirt and skirt)
On Friday 3.23, the day turned out to be MUCH colder than I thought so I spent all of it with a hoodie hiding my rarely seen collared fashion (thrifted) but at least showing my chambray trousers (Target)

On Saturday 3.24, false representation is happening here again, since I didn't wear this coat all day long, but I wanted you to see it because I just thrifted it last week. It's a little too big, however, I decided I could live with that because I think the color is fabulous~

For Sunday 3.25, though my Conservative Baptist background generally prevents me from subscribing to my church's "jeans OK" casual vibe,  I was signed up to help with three year old Sunday School so necessity won the day.  I had to lose the (thrifted) sweater pretty quick, though, as it was way too hot! (Tshirt and clogs from Kohl's, jeans from Costco)
On Monday 3.26, I didn't take a picture of myself in work out clothes because the point of WIWW is to NOT dress like that, and to make matters worse, I didn't even work out anyway...there's my full disclosure...

On Tuesday 3.27, the best part of this outfit was my fancy necklace (Premier Designs); alas, you can't particularly see it here.  My zebra shoes (Wal  Mart) also livened it up a bit in theory, but in practice, the only comment I got on this day was a friend and fellow preschool mom saying my outfit was not very bright (a poor translation of the Japanese word "jimi," which is rarely applied to me/my style) (trousers from Old Navy, sweater from Kohl's, "heat tech" shirt from Uniqlo). 
For today 3.28, guess I might possibly maybe be starting to get over the excuses mentioned at the top of this post?  I was pretty happy with this outfit, I thought Converse and fishnet knee high socks were a good combo (thrifted tunic, leggings from Uniqlo, stockings? and Converse from Target). 
Off to bed so I can do better next week!

pleated poppy

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your LOVING sis said...

how can you wear leggings and look so stinking cute??? JEALOUS!