Thursday, March 15, 2012


When I was a 16 year old exchange student, commuting to a girls' high school in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, just next to Kenrokuen, I wore a sailor uniform everyday.  Does the description "sailor" work in English?  It was navy blue with maroon stripes around the sailor collar bit and a maroon scarfish tie-like thingy we had to wear around our neck.  Oh, and don't forget the lovely knife-pleated navy skirt, much too long for most of my fellow students' liking.  
At the time, I thought the wearing of a uniform was an exquisite punishment, calculated to squash any creativity that might embody itself in an interesting outfit.  Now, as a parent, I'm highly in favor.  Sure, uniforms can be expensive, but just think of the decision making power saved each day!
Perhaps some of this was in my subconscious this week because though I dutifully switched out pieces each day, when my pictures are lined up like this, I think I look rather uniform.  
Maybe not on the first day recorded, when I wore trousers.  Had to do that so I could join Koji and his friends for some rollerblading after their last day of school as second graders.  It was great fun!  

Above right you see my hostess of goodbye party look.  One highlight of the party, if you ask me, was the pork carnitas, which I made for the first time.  I like to live on the edge like that.

Sunday I lived on the edge by taking this (VERY BLURRY) photo with my left hand while holding me bag.  This outfit was actually better without the sweater, in my opinion--but I spilled coffee down the front of my shirt at church and I had to make up for it somehow!

This photo from yesterday was taking in a personal shopper dressing room.  More on what I was doing there later.  

Today's outfit was just right for the Fantabulous Weather we had.  Seventy eight?!  In March.  OK, I'll take it!  My kids thought it was SO hot, they had to put their swimsuits on and go out to the trampoline for a meeting with the hose.  
Forgot to tell you which items were thrifted etc: how about this scientific answer then?  Most of them.  
Until next time, don't be uniform!
pleated poppy

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Laurie said...

My favorite is that handkerchief skirt or is it a dress?