Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the Catwalk

Last Friday was spring graduation at Izumi's preschool for the kids who will be starting Japanese first grade next month (which is the normal Japanese school schedule).  This is how I appeared in the morning, and then I changed into something more suited to spending the entire day and early evening at the school, just hanging out and having a barbeque.  Good times. 

My friend Gina C. is a style consultant.  She arranged a small fashion show on the second floor of Macy's this past Sunday.  I volunteered to be a model, and this is one of the outfits I wore.  No, I didn't buy any of those pieces.  It would have been nice but Tiffany sunglasses just aren't in our budget right now.  I guess.

Monday Aogu and Koji left for two weeks in Tokyo and after all that packing and preparation for a trip I didn't go on, I was tired.  And indecisive, I guess?  "Should I wear diagonal stripes?  White polka dots on pink sweater, or?" etc.  Apparently my answer was all of the above, but I was OK with it.  What do you think? 

Today we were out for an all day long bonanza playdate at a friends' place, so this is what I wore.  Not a particularly inspired outfit--my shirt is too big and my skirt is too long.  I'll just live with the memory of looking glamorous on the catwalk Sunday.  Good idea, no?
pleated poppy


Ritaroja said...

Love your sense of fun!

Andy and Jenny Dickson said...

Totally wish I could pull off blue tights! Awesome! And A HAT!!! Double awesome!

Laurie said...

I love the stripes and polka dots and I also love the shirt (that's too big) and the skirt (that's too long). If you decide to trash that outfit send it my way! Once again thanks for the inspiration! SNOW DAY in Salem today but when the sun comes out I might put a skirt on.