Thursday, March 08, 2012


This past week it took me till Sunday to get around to taking my picture. Also, specially for WIWW, a confession: in the three preceding days I spent at least one in a track suit.  Gasp!  It was comfortable.  And I think I may have even exercised or something.  The outfit pictured above was put together so I could take the kids to a birthday party at Make A Messterpiece.  You know a gathering is a success when a two year old is still talking about it days later...and you know an outfit is a success when you realize that your trousers, shirt and sweater all came from thrift stores.  And you know your photo taking has made an impression when the aforementioned two year old has to take a photo too (please scroll down to the previous post!). 

Blue Monday.  Sorry, nothing else to say.  Just kidding, I better admit that on this day I got an awful lot of free food, first at a goodbye lunch for a friend, next at the Official Residence of the Consulate General of Japan.  And I better also admit that I did NOT wear these psuedo Uggs when I visited the OR of the CGJ, not to worry!

Once I got rolling with my pictures, I didn't stop: Tuesday, the day after all that free food, I was feeling chubby so I went with stretchy skirt and voluminous shirt.  Here's hoping my matchy match clogs and police looking shades helped me pull it off?!

And three days of digital recording gave me the kick I needed to take this photo today.  The theoretical high temperature gave me a springy feeling; alas, I spent much of the day shivering because of the blasting wind.  Ah, well, the flowers on my leggings gave me some hope of spring.  Here's hoping your coming week is blooming! 
pleated poppy


Chelsea said...

Love all the bright colors! You look great!

Laurie said...

I really like the stretchy skirt and voluminous shirt! I think it looks great and you don't look chubby at all. Once again thanks for the inspiration!