Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....Oh Bother

Last Thursday, I had the brilliant idea of taking my picture in the oval mirror every single day so that this week's WIWW would be a complete record, a thorough reporting of my sartorial adventures. So I took these two pictures that day:
Comments: the oatmeal-y color of this sweater is right down on the bottom of my list of colors that I like/colors that flatter me.  But I bought it anyway, the other week at Salvation Army.  Obviously, it was a low risk investment, being $3-4.  Also, it's wool. 

Further comments: also, it crosses in the front and ties, and I cannot resist the assymetrical.  In this rare close up shot, please also note my scarf, which is actually a piece of fabric from Mood Fabrics.  I wish it wouldn't curl up like that but I'm too lazy to finish the edges. 

AAAANNDDDD then I completely forgot all about my resolution to record things thoroughly and thus took no photo on Friday.  Good grief Charlie Brown.  

Then on Saturday I managed to snap this: 
Comments: the sum of the whole is better than the parts of this outfit. Does that make any sense? In other words, it looked decent while I was standing arranged in front of the mirror.  But when I went out for karaoke (see previous post), this wool sweaterish thingy was WAY TOO HOT and the shirt I had on under it was not that good.  :-(  At least I had a good necklace.
Comments: Erm. AND my every day intentions rapidly devolved to every other day. Here's yesterday. I was so determined to take this picture that I did it first thing in the morning before my head was ready to be seen, thus, you get headless me.
Comments: It's Leap Day today, and I feel rather grumpy which seems at odds with the gift of an extra day. Blech. Trying to pull myself up and out by wearing purple and pink and more importantly, praying for the work of God. Amen. Anyway, all my blathering about which day I took which picture etc reminds me that if you haven't yet taught your kids the names of the days of this week, you must use this song. It's also adaptable to Japanese. Seriously. pleated poppy


Tranae said...

Hi there. I found your blog on WIWW linky party. I love the orange coat and your mirror.


Laurie said...

Can you PLEASE come dress me for a week? I fear that I'm HOPELESS.

Jamie Matsuoka said...

Tranae, thanks for visiting!

Laurs, would you consider a plane ticket to Oregon a reasonable wardrobe consultation fee?!