Thursday, February 16, 2012


Believe it or not, I have been getting dressed and I have been taking (poor quality iPhone) photos for the last month or so. And now, said photos have finally leapt through space onto your screen!
All items above were thrifted, with the exception of my necklace and earrings, which are a la Premier Designs.  It's hard to see but this top has a big bow attached to one side of the neckline.  It would be so easy to DIY, for those who are so inclined.  I could if I would...meanwhile, I was delighted to discover this finished product in a consignment store in Princeton, NJ when I was there in the fall.  Thanks to my friend Y for letting me drag her out thrifting when she really wanted to show me Princeton's campus...!
Guess I like this color. The items in this outfit are all thrifted, too. Except for that scarf, which I bought for something like 288 yen at a discount shop down the road from my in laws apartment in Tokyo.
And these boots, which were a HUGE INVESTMENT for me last year. Alas, the things of last year feel like a millennia ago, and I remember absolutely nothing about where I got them or how much they cost. I only know that I'm pretty sure I learned of their existance from this site.  Maybe. 
Hardly visible here, but on this day (that's right, though these photos are from the last month, I'm not sure which day...) I remember I was excited about my leopard tights with this leopard and flower printed shirt. And other than the tights, all was thrifted. Oh, I guess I got the incongruous snow boots at a garage sale for five bucks. No, I don't think they are a sartorially great choice for this outfit, but it snowed that day. For sure.
I thrifted this sweater, which was infinitely better in concept than to actually wear. Turns out a V neck that extends to one's navel doesn't make sense for a suburban mom. Even if she's bilingual and wears another layer underneath. As for this skirt, I aquired it PTD (Pre Thrift Days) at Costco. Too bad it took this many years for me to see that it's not very flattering. I no longer own either of these items because after I saw this photo I put them in my donation pile and out they went! Isn't it honest of me to show you this photo anyway?!
Looking at this picture with two kinds of stripes and polka dots reminds me that as recently as a year or two ago, I strictly limited myself to one pattern per outfit. I don't know that I'll ever be able to mix this masterfully.

Consider this photo a bit of a confession.  For more days than not, I've been sporting trousers and jeans, which is fine but in my mind, not as fun or interesting.  With three lively kids around (one and another's hands are pictured), do I actually need to be more fun and interesting?  WHY YES, I DO

This isn't as much of an outfit photo per se, as a documentation of my kids' love affair with our friends' hamster. And an all important credit to my sister who made this cute and cosy fleece circle scarf.  Order yours today for less than five dollars!
Orange tights! Which were the only thing I could afford when I visited the new Topshop on Michigan Ave recently.  While I was there, I saw a pink sweater with a couple of bunnies holding hands on it (sounds super weird, but I think I could have pulled it off) that tempted me but I stepped away when I saw that it was $92?! Skirt, boots and scarf are thrifted, orange knit cardigan is from uniqlo and grey sweater is ages old but purchased new, likely from Kohl's. 
Wah! Wish I could have taken a better photo of this outfit from TODAY (finally, I remember something) as I thought my snake patterned dress layered over skirt (both thrifted) and leggings and boots (bought new) was a nicely done combination.
But alas, when I took off my sweater, the better to show you my neck jewels, this is what happened. Ah well, my girls are cuter than me anyway! And that, friends, is a thorough representation of what I wore!

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Laurie said...

I wish you would have given me that outfit that you got rid of! You look great but I have to admit that was one of favorites and when I first saw it thought that looks more like something I would wear than Jamie...

Amy Timberlake said...

Love this post!!! I love seeing all the outfits one after another -- YAY! You're kind of making me want to wear skirts and tights too -- which I gotta say is just the weirdest thing for me. But I'm digging the orange tights .. .

Jane Lucas said...

You are ALL darling, even "blurry." My favorite was what you wore TODAY! And of course, appreciate the Premier jewels mention. Hugs. xoxox