Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do You Know What I'm Doing?

Perhaps I haven't explained my sudden foray into the land of fashion show. Perhaps you didn't know that when I was eight or nine years old, I wanted to be a fashion designer? I would spend hours (OK, it was more likely minutes) drawing clothes on paper. Too bad I wasn't good at it, which caused me to quickly revert to what I was good at: reading. Anyhow, I've always liked clothes and thought they were fun. Have I mentioned my freshman year of college, when I astonished my friends by dressing head to toe in orange? So when I happened upon What I Wore Wednesday, which is a kind of challenge to not be a mom in yoga pants (not that there's anything wrong with moms in yoga pants, just that if I were to be that every day and not make more effort to dress nicely, I think I would be grumpy), I thought it created the perfect opportunity for me to display my outfits.  Here we go:
So I don't normally have a "day to evening" look but for once, last Thursday night, Aogu and I went out!!  Valentine's Day and all that.  Above was my "day" look.  Sweater and trousers are thrifted.  Oops, guess I was too lazy to put my shoes on for this photo. 

Evening: same trousers, but with sequiny tank top under cashmere sweater (yes, I was freezing.  Speaking of lazy, I didn't have time to do my hair so I hope the effort I spent on my clothes made up for my less than perfect mane...

Evidence photo, which looks like I'm trying to blur Aogu's face so you won't recognize him on the street.  I'm not that clever, this is just the way the photo turned out.  Strong smelling story for this week: we went out with F & Z to Cho Sun Ok, a Korean barbeque restaurant a little ways south of Lincoln Square.  There were actual Korean people there, which was a good sign.  I think most of my meal consisted of banchan, or Korean side dishes (kimchi being the most famous example), which was all delicious.  I would go back again in a second!  It certainly fits my restaurant requirement of "things I can't or won't make at home".   
On Friday, I had a performance at Koji's school.  The choir was to wear black on top and jeans, but I had to change into a costume midway and I knew that actual jeans wouldn't work well under my costume, so I went with this dress and "jean leggings" instead.  Here's a video of our performance at the school Culture Festival last fall:

Saturday I had another performance at Koji's school with the same dress code. No "outfit photo" for the day. I do have a couple other pictures I could show but I think I'll save them for another day.

On Sunday I tried to match my eyeshadow to my dress and I wanted you to see it but I don't think you can.  You'll have to just believe me.  I also have grey and black leopard socks on, but again, you just have to have faith, please.  Note that I'm using the skirt under dress trick here, both for warmth and to avoid the embarrassment of a too short dress! Monday was a school holiday for Koji; I took him to an epic playdate. If you really want to hear about it or see what I was wearing, check out the post previous to this one!
Tuesday I went to "work". I signed up to help with the interview process for The JET Programme, so I spent half the day in the Japan Information Center as part of a panel that screened five aspiring JET Teachers.  It was great fun, I only wished I had signed up for more time slots.  I wasn't nearly as policewoman like to the interviewees as I look with these sunglasses on!
Today!  Have you tried your argyle socks and leopard shoes together yet?  If not, why not?  All the pieces you see were thrifted, with the exception of the stripey tank and the aforementioned footwear.  Are you having fun with your outfits?  I hope so!! 
Good night~
pleated poppy


Andy and Jenny Dickson said...

Love it, J!! Wish you lived closer!!

Amy Timberlake said...

I am such a fan of your photos in your mirror! So fun! Your clothes -- how do you keep coming up with all those combinations and they all look great . . . I'm amazed and smiling!