Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heat Tech + Favorite Hat

WIWW 12.28.2011 The main event for today was a WHOLE BUNCH of frantic cleaning and organizing, because we had a showing (our house is up for sale, I'm going to post about it soon). Just yesterday I confidently told a friend, "there's no activity in the housing market till the Super Bowl anyway, so I've kind of let the house go for now". Famous last words! With all that running through the house--I mean it, when I am straightening and cleaning for a showing, I literally sprint around, guess that's how much I don't enjoy the process?--I actually didn't need the Uniqlo heat tech shirt you can barely see layered under that hot pink whatchamacallit hoody thing. (Apparently Uniqlo is coming to Chicago...sometime.  I hope it's soon!  As much as I loved my trip to NYC in October, I can't afford to do that every time I need heat tech goods.)    

Also, please say hello to my favorite hat. Years and years ago, when I was single English teacher in Japan with nothing better to do on weekends but go snowboarding, I picked this hat up and it has been my faithful winter companion since. Here in the Chicago area, we've actually been having a super mild winter so far. But even after all these years, I'm kind of a wimp so if there's a chilly wind blowing, I need this guy (girl? one? wouldn't English be even more interesting and yet complicated if objects had gender like they do in Spanish?) sealing heat into my noggin.

pleated poppy

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Jane Lucas said...

Very nice accessories--a cute, nostalgic hat and jewels around your neck. love it! Hats probably are girls if girls are wearing them and guys if guys are wearing them. What do your think?